Preventative service

The best way to ensure that your conveyor belts and garment systems don't suffer a large fault is to make sure that they are checked regularly.

As today's manufacturing and distribution calls for more output of products, it is important to not forget to have some downtime. Our trained engineers will check your machinery and then provide you with a detailed breakdown of any faults we find and how best to fix them. If you would like to employ our preventative service, please contact us today.

For a demonstration of our products, please contact us today.

    Our preventative service includes:
  •      Conveyor belt repairs
  •      Lubrication and oil changes
  •      Identifying faulty parts and replacing worn ones
  •      Recommend parts to be replaced
  •      Spares list
  •      Identify potential hazards
  •      Ensure that all manufactured goods comply with the relevant
  •      BSI safety standards and that we abide by government regulations



Our conveyor service includes:

     Conveyor system installations

     Conveyor system supplier

     Pre-service inspections

     Emergency conveyor system repairs

     Automated garment products

     Roller conveyors

     Belt conveyors

     Product lifts

     Preventative service

     P.L.C. programming and installation