Belt conveyors

Our flat belt conveyors are the most common and cost effective of our belt range and can be used for a wide variety of applications. By using our in-house manufacturing we are able to create bespoke belt conveyors that are able to deal with all loads and configurations of light and heavy products.

We can provide you with belt conveyors in powder coated steel, aluminium and stainless Steel, with pharmaceutical and food grade available as standard. For more information on our belt conveyors, please contact us today.

    Our belt conveyors feature:
  •      Guaranteed tracking due to utilisation of double tracking strips as standard
  •      All widths and lengths both as standard and customer specific sizes
  •      Many drive configurations including shaft mounted motor, motorised drive drum and under slung drives available as standard
  •      Many Belt types and colours including: PU, PVC, cut proof, grip top, corrugated side wall, FDA approved food grade, low friction etc
  •      Accessories include many control options, large range of guide systems, supports etc
  •      Transfer systems include transfer plates and small diameter rollers to transfer products between conveyors



Our conveyor service includes:

     Conveyor system installations

     Conveyor system supplier

     Pre-service inspections

     Emergency conveyor system repairs

     Automated garment products

     Roller conveyors

     Belt conveyors

     Product lifts

     Preventative service

     P.L.C. programming and installation